Your Human Resources (HR) Sidekick

Employment and filling job vacancies can be one of the biggest headaches a business owner, leader or manager can experience.

Great candidates can be hard to find! Fortunately, we’re here to help you establish and maintain clear and fair processes.

If you’ve got a growing business and an overworked General Manager or Office Manager who’s juggling too many balls, we’re your HR sidekick.

Sometimes a new perspective is all you need, and that’s what we can provide. We get inside your business to understand how it ticks, and use our broad experience as HR consultants to develop compliant initiatives and solutions that add value to your business and team.

Because every hero needs a sidekick to cheer them on.

Contract HR Manager

If you know you need regular HR services, but don’t want to bring someone on full-time, a dedicated HR consultant can either be at the other end of the phone, or in the office at agreed hours (if you’re in the Waikato).

That gives you the confidence to know that you’ve always got someone on your side to deal with tasks such as:

  • Giving on-call advice and coaching for employment matters
  • Ghost-writing and peer review of employment letters, job descriptions and emails
  • Conducting annual reviews and update existing employment templates such as agreement variation letters, employment agreements and policies
  • Annual reviews of existing employee handbooks or similar
  • Monthly catch up meetings with senior leader(s)

Not only that, we’ll assist with recruitment and act as an impartial investigator for disciplinary matters.

Our monthly retainers for an on-call or contract HR Manager start from just $395.

HR Problem Solving

If you’re generally sorted for HR, but there’s a specific problem you need help with, one of our HR consultants can work with you to solve it.

Common HR problems we solve include:

  • A longstanding employee has left and you need to review their job description
  • You’ve noticed that your accounts administrator isn’t coping with an increased workload and you’re not sure if it’s because of poor performance or the process
  • You need to review a policy after legislation change, and consult with your employees and seek their feedback before approving changes
  • You’re a new business that requires HR policies and templates before you begin hiring
  • You have a dysfunctional team and you need an impartial party to investigate why

All services can be delivered on a fixed-price basis, a short-term retainer, or an hourly rate, depending on your business.

Give us a call, and we can use our free introductory meeting to work out the best way of making your particular HR problem disappear.

All services are subject to our general terms and conditions of engagement, and all prices quoted on this website exclude GST.